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Updates about new and special programming and changes to NHPR's program schedule.

NHPR’s Only in New Hampshire—the ongoing series that seeks to answer questions about life in the Granite State—looks north for its latest exploration, with a series focused on the North Country.

The Only in New Hampshire team traveled north of the Notches to report on the major issues affecting the top of the state. Driven by questions from Granite Staters, the deep-dive reporting project aims to explore the Great North Woods with a look at a shifting economy, information access and the contentious topic of ATVs.

Episode schedule:

Reporters from NHPR and the NPR Politics Podcast will conduct joint interviews with select presidential candidates in the lead-up to the 2020 presidential election. As part of NHPR’s comprehensive coverage of the first-in-the nation New Hampshire Primary, NHPR is teaming up with NPR and Iowa Public Radio for a series of conversations with the candidates – taking place on the ground in both New Hampshire and in Iowa.

A new series created by a team of NHPR reporters, producers and hosts will take a fresh look at stories of New Hampshire women we think we know and those that may have been overlooked. The new series—called Unsung—offers a modern perspective on women’s experiences throughout our state’s history—from female aviators and politicians to musicians and artists.

For many public radio listeners, Morning Edition is a staple part of their days. As they prepare for the workday, the school day or their daily commute, the long running program may be the first encounter they have each day with the latest news and stories from their communities, across the nation and around the world. For 40 years, the signature musical sound of Morning Edition was an iconic theme first composed by BJ Leiderman and later arranged by musician Jim Pugh.

Image: Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images; Illustration: Chris Tylec

Twenty years after a shocking school shooting at Colorado’s Columbine High School left 12 students and one teacher dead, NHPR presents special coverage looking at the issue of guns in America.

On Saturday, April 20, New Hampshire Public Radio will broadcast part of a collaborative project on pot legalization from fellow public media stations WNYC and Colorado Public Radio.

The joint reporting venture breaks down the implications of legalizing recreational marijuana from two of the states that have such legislation—New York and Colorado. The special—titled Ask a Legal State: A National Conversation About Pot—will examine the legal, political and cultural landscape surrounding legalizing recreational cannabis.

Richard Drew / AP

President Donald Trump’s longtime personal attorney Michael Cohen is testifying before the House Oversight Committee today.

NHPR is airing uninterrupted NPR special coverage of Cohen's complete testimony. Click the "Listen Live" button at the top of this site to listen, or watch live video of the proceedings below.

Scroll down to read the text of Cohen's opening statement, obtained last night by news outlets including NPR.

Watch the hearing:

Governor Christopher Sununu will present his proposed FY 2020-2021 Budget  to lawmakers on Thursday, February 14. NHPR will air the Governor’s address live from the New Hampshire State House.

Programming will begin on NHPR at 10 a.m., with Host Laura Knoy being joined in the NHPR studios by Anna Brown, Director of Research & Analysis at Citizens Count. Listeners will be able to then hear the budget address in its entirety on-air, or can watch the proceedings through Facebook Live.

New Hampshire Public Radio will air special programming throughout February that honors the history, struggles and triumphs of African Americans.

First implemented in 1976, Black History Month celebrates the lives and accomplishments of notable figures in the civil rights movement and commemorates the challenges African Americans faced to achieve full citizenship in America.

Public radio honors this time of reflection and celebration with programming that shares insights into personal stories from the past and the reverberations from history into present-day society.

Civics 101 launches a new season of podcasts this month by taking a deep dive into the core historical documents our nation was built on – documents and ideals that still resonate today. Civics 101, from New Hampshire Public Radio, serves as a refresher course on the basics of how our democracy works.

Join NHPR on Thursday, January 3, for special coverage of the inauguration of Governor Christopher Sununu. 

Gov. Sununu is beginning his second term as New Hampshire’s chief executive. 

NHPR is expected to begin its broadcast coverage of the Governor’s inaugural address around 11:40 a.m. From the NHPR studios, Host Laura Knoy will be joined by NHPR’s Investigative & Data Reporter Casey McDermott and political analyst Dean Spiliotes. Senior Political Reporter Josh Rogers will provide updates from the New Hampshire State House. 

New Hampshire Public Radio’s The Exchange will close out a year of terrific programs by broadcasting encores of the top five shows of 2018, chosen by listeners. In addition, The Weekly N.H. News Roundup will reflect on the top stories of the year during the Friday, Dec. 21, program from 9 to 10 a.m.

Morning Edition on NHPR will rebroadcast five of the top shows from its popular series feature Radio Field Trips during the holiday period around Christmas and New Year’s.  

New Hampshire Public Radio is offering an extra helping of cheer around the holidays with programming centered on getting into the spirit of the season.

This year, the airwaves will feature some familiar classics as well as some newer offerings from the Capitol Steps and a holiday music round-up featuring NHPR’s Rick Ganley and Emily Quirk.

See NHPR’s full list of special programming below:


Holidays by Request with Rick Ganley and Emily Quirk

On a day for family, friends and feasting, NHPR is your perfect Thanksgiving holiday soundtrack.

Programs that celebrate the spirit of gratitude, the culinary arts, and the magic of storytelling will be on offer throughout the day. Here’s the banquet of public radio highlights to be heard:

9 to 10 a.m. The Science of Gratitude

Sara Plourde


New Hampshire Public Radio’s Election Day coverage will include field reporting from reporters across the state, in-studio analysis and commentary, and ongoing digital updates.

NHPR continues to explore in-depth the candidates and issues that impact voters this midterm election, taking a broader look at the forces that shape our politics: the impact of money in politics, changing voter demographics, and questions around voter access and residency requirements, among other topics.   

New Hampshire Public Radio will broadcast midterm elections coverage from National Public Radio Tuesday, Nov. 6.

Beginning at 8 p.m., NHPR airwaves will bring listeners reporting from NPR’s political correspondents. Ailsa Change, Ari Shapiro, Michel Martin, Sam Sanders and Sarah McCammon will host interviews with reporters throughout the night while the NPR politics team will offer results and analysis.

Digital Coverage:

New Hampshire Public Radio’s newsroom continues to report on how opioid usage is impacting individuals, communities and the collective public health throughout New Hampshire. Starting Monday, Sept. 17, a five-part series titled "Taking a Toll" and airing on Morning Edition will focus specifically on how the crisis is affecting the state’s youth.

New Hampshire Public Radio’s newsroom will offer comprehensive coverage of the Sept. 11 state primary elections.

On that Tuesday, voters across the state will cast their ballots for the Democratic gubernatorial candidates as well as their choices for the first congressional district and the second congressional district. Laura Knoy will host the special coverage from the NHPR studios in Concord. NHPR reporters will be in the field or in-studio providing analysis. At the website, a live blog will provide up-to-the minute reporting on the races.

New Hampshire Public Radio will broadcast the Senate confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh, beginning today.

National Public Radio will provide coverage of the hearings in their entirety starting Tuesday, Sept. 4. NHPR will broadcast NPR’s coverage each morning and rejoin NHPR’s programming—already in progress—once the court takes its recess each afternoon.

New Hampshire Public Radio will air coverage of John McCain’s memorial service from the Washington National Cathedral in the nation’s capital on Saturday, Sept. 1.

National Public Radio will provide live, anchored reporting of the entire service, which will be broadcast during Weekend Edition Saturday on NHPR. Coverage starts at 10 a.m. with host and Congressional Correspondent Scott Detrow. White House Correspondent Scott Horsley will join Detrow in-studio, and Kelsey Snell, NPR Congressional Reporter, will report from the National Cathedral.

New Hampshire Public Radio’s newsroom will present a series of reports on how education leaders, community members and families are addressing problems and finding solutions around issues of racism and bias in the Granite State.

New Hampshire Public Radio listeners may notice select changes to their listening routines, starting the week of Monday, September 3.

Changes to the programming schedule will impact five programs:


NPR is implementing some changes to its Morning Edition broadcast. Here's a Q&A guide that explains more about the changes and how it may impact what you hear when you tune in weekday mornings to NHPR.   

What’s Happening?

Beginning on Monday, August 13, listeners to NHPR may notice some slight changes to the Morning Edition broadcast.

To better reflect listening habits and changing patterns in news consumption, National Public Radio (NPR) is revising its Morning Edition clock.

New Hampshire Public Radio will air a one-hour special from 1A titled "Families At The Border" Wednesday at 8 p.m.

Thousands of children have been separated from their parents at the southern border of the United States under the federal government's "zero tolerance" policy.

A Quinnipiac University poll found that while a third of voters oppose the policy - more than half of Republicans polled support the policy.


The Daily - an esteemed program from The New York Times and American Public Media - will offer listeners deep and thoughtful analysis on compelling stories in the news, each weekday on NHPR. 

As summer unfolds in New Hampshire, NHPR is offering several programming options that bring the outdoors to the airwaves.

Season Four of Outside/In, the program about the natural world and how we use it, will air on NHPR from Monday, June 18 through Friday, June 22 during the 3 p.m. broadcast slot usually reserved for the BBC Newshour. Outside/In, hosted by Sam Evans-Brown, combines solid reporting with long-form narrative storytelling to bring the outdoors to everyone, anywhere.

From WBEZ Chicago, Making Obama tells the story of Barack Obama’s climb from the South Side of Chicago. It is a non-partisan journey through Obama’s life before he became President.

Host Jennifer White talks with Obama’s key advisors, mentors, rivals, and the former President himself.

NHPR will air the first of this two-part special Saturday, June 2 at 10 p.m.

The second part will air Saturday, June 9 at 10 p.m.

Part One covers Obama’s years as a community organizer to his first elected office in Springfield, Illinois.

Photo of Stephen Lang courtesy PRX

Just in time for Memorial Day, NHPR will broadcast a powerful tribute to military valor. Actor Stephen Lang wrote and performed Beyond Glory, capturing the stories of three veterans who each earned the Medal of Honor - the highest U.S military accolade, awarded to servicemen and women who distinguish themselves through acts of courage or bravery.  

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