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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at NHPR

NHPR’s mission commits us to telling the stories of our changing state. That requires our organization and our journalism to reflect – and embrace – the increasingly diverse perspectives of people across New Hampshire. It also requires us to model inclusion in our sources, in the voices we lift, in our reporting and in the conversations we conduct; in the makeup of our staff, Board of Trustees and Community Advisory Board, and in the ways we spend money and conduct our business. Equity and inclusion must be guiding values in how the people of NHPR conduct themselves and our operations.

Click or tap here for our report on diversity in NHPR's journalism.

Moreover, because NHPR produces content for national audiences, we must think beyond our state boundaries and aspire in our nationally-focused work to reflect and embrace the full diversity of America.

To these ends, NHPR recognizes six pillars of diversity in its work: cultural and ethnic diversity, generational diversity, regional diversity, socioeconomic diversity, gender diversity and diversity of perspectives. We actively seek Trustees, Community Advisory Board members and staff who embody all these aspects of diversity; they enrich our thinking and help ensure that our work reflects multiple perspectives.

To help realize this vision, it has long been - and remains - the policy of NHPR to provide equal opportunity, prohibit discrimination and combat sexual and other forms of harassment. We have further committed to becoming an affirmatively anti-racist organization. In all of these areas, we forbid retaliation against any member of our staff for raising concerns.

NHPR’s trustees and management pledge to hold themselves accountable to the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion by establishing a DEI strategic plan and making regular, public reports of the organization’s performance.

NHPR Staff Demographics

Part of our commitment to increasing diversity at New Hampshire Public Radio is being transparent about our own numbers — not just the voices in our journalism, but the people who create and support it. It is important that the people of NHPR reflect the communities we serve; our journalism is only made better with a greater diversity of experiences and perspectives in the process.

In order to evaluate ourselves on our commitments – which pledge that NHPR’s staff will be at least as diverse as our state* - we need to know where we are. With that objective in mind, we have begun conducting biannual, point-in-time surveys of staff on selected demographics and sharing the aggregated results here. The first survey was conducted for staff employed at NHPR on July 1, 2021; the next survey will be conducted for staff employed January 1, 2022.

Staff Demographics, July 1, 2021
Sara Plourde

*For benchmarking, the 2020 U.S. Census found that New Hampshire’s population was 88.3% white, 5.6% multi-racial, 4.3% Latino or Hispanic, 2.6% Asian, 1.5% Black, and 0.2% American Indian or Alaska Native.