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Sara Plourde, NHPR

Document is the NHPR newsroom’s award-winning narrative podcast series. Each season, we tell a gripping new story that illuminates an issue affecting people in the Granite State and beyond right now – often in ways you don’t expect. Document follows the story as it’s unfolding and goes deep on why it matters.

We’re driven by the idea that taking the time to tell the whole story leads to bigger impact – opened minds, changed policies – and a more nuanced understanding of the people at the heart of important issues affecting many of us every day.

The Document team is Senior Editor Katie Colaneri, and Senior Reporters/Producers Jason Moon, host of the hit NHPR podcast Bear Brook, and Lauren Chooljian, co-host of NHPR’s award-winning Stranglehold podcast.

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Season Four: The Thirteenth Step

It started with a tip. Eventually, multiple sources said it was an open secret: The founder of New Hampshire’s largest addiction treatment network was sexually harassing or assaulting women – allegations he denies.

How did he get away with it? That question led investigative reporter Lauren Chooljian on a journey into the American addiction treatment industry. She found a longstanding – and long tolerated – culture of sexual misconduct. A phenomenon people in the recovery world call “the 13th step.”

This series is about failures in an industry that is supposed to be dedicated to healing. It’s also about the limits of the #MeToo movement. And journalism. How deep can you dig for the truth before it gets dangerous?

Listen to the full series at

Past Seasons

Season One: The List

America is taking a hard look at policing right now. Many wonder: can we trust the cops? In states across the country, the answer to that question is already out there -- on secret lists kept by government lawyers.

The List looks at one state’s decades of secrecy around police misconduct and asks: why do these lists exist? How have they changed the way we think about police? And if they were finally made public, would they solve our policing problems?

Season Two: Supervision

Most criminal justice stories start with a crime; or the courts; or even prison. Supervision is a podcast about what happens next. It's the story of a parolee who thinks he’s getting freedom, a reporter looking to tell his story, and how they both got far more than they bargained for.

If you listened to Supervision in the past, take another look. This version contains new reporting and revelations that have surfaced since its release.

Season Three: Death Resulting

Two friends share drugs. One overdoses and dies. The other survives. Is that murder?

Amid the deadliest drug crisis in history, America is often answering “yes” to that question. Prosecutors are increasingly treating overdose deaths as homicides, locking up drug dealers who sell fentanyl to people living with addiction — people who are often addicted themselves. Some see justice and accountability in convictions under so-called “death resulting” laws. Some see a new and widening front in America’s failed War on Drugs.

In Death Resulting, we hone in on one of these homicide cases and meet a young man facing a 20-year mandatory minimum sentence in federal prison for his friend’s death. Along the way we examine the forces that shape that case — from a cycle of generational trauma and addiction to the racist origins and current impacts of these prosecutions. accident — or a homicide? Our answer could shape how we address the deadliest overdose crisis in American history.

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