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New Hope For N.H.'s Great Bay As Towns, Scientists Begin Collaborating On Restoration

After decades of declining water quality, there’s new optimism surrounding the health of Great Bay. A new partnership between towns, scientists and advocacy groups has people thinking for the first time that they might find long-term solutions to restore the estuary. It will be a boon to ongoing research projects, like one at UNH that's piloting ways to transplant a crucial underwater plant within the bay.

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Piping plover nesting sign at Hampton Beach State Park.
Dan Tuohy / NHPR

The sighting of endangered Piping plovers nesting at Hampton Beach has prompted officials to cancel the first two fireworks shows of the summer season.

House Agrees With Senate On Spending Portion of N.H. Budget

14 hours ago
The State House dome in Concord, New Hampshire
Ali Oshinskie / NHPR

House budget negotiators have quickly acceded to the Senate on the spending portion of New Hampshire's next two-year budget.

Compared to the House-passed bill, the Senate's $13.5 billion proposal included 20 more liquor inspection officers, an additional $5 million for mobile crisis units for mental health treatment and a March 2023 closing date for the Sununu Youth Services Center.

Photo by Kübra ÇOLAK on Unsplash

In New England, burning wood in the woodstove can conjure the quintessential image of a cozy winter day - snow falling outside, a pot of tea, tossing another log onto the fire. But the woodstove is not as straightforwardly wholesome as it seems. The process of burning wood releases molecules like carbon monoxide, soot, and fine particulate matter.

The Bull Moose record store chain is apologizing, re-hiring workers and promising pay raises after controversy over the sudden closure of its Salem location last month.

Son Little performs at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, N.H., on June 11, 2021

Ready to have some fun? We're excited to relaunch this weekend to-do list after a season off due to the pandemic. Consider this an idea starter kit, a quick rundown to inspire you to have the summer of your lives. 

Police car
Dan Tuohy/NHPR

Law enforcement officers in the state facing possible suspension or loss of certification will no longer automatically have their disciplinary hearings behind closed doors if requested, a result of an order released Thursday by a superior court judge.

State House hallway
Dan Tuohy / NHPR

NHPR is continuing to cover the developing story around coronavirus in New Hampshire. Bookmark this page for the latest updates, including case numbers and other important news of the day.

Anne Carle, Telehealth Nurse at Cornerstone VNA in Rochester checks in with a patient and his daughter.
Alli Fam / NHPR

Anne Carle’s workday begins with a screen of red, green and yellow boxes. The red ones mean higher risk patients. Carle is a telehealth nurse and RN at Cornerstone VNA in Rochester. She starts to make calls.

After a chaotic transition to telehealth and more than a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, health care workers and lawmakers are learning more about how effective remote appointments can be. Now, some providers are noting that patients and caregivers will often initiate calls to ask questions and check in if something seems off. Increasing capacity for telehealth may also help with the workforce shortage in the health care industry.

Dartmouth Drops Cheating Charges Against Medical Students

Jun 11, 2021
Valley News - Jennifer Hauck

The Geisel School of Medicine has dismissed all honor code charges against students accused of academic misconduct this winter, the dean said in an email message to the school community.

“I have apologized to the students for what they have been through and believe dismissal of the charges is the best path forward,” Geisel Dean Duane Compton wrote in his Wednesday email.

An aerial view of the Conway area

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