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In Unanimous Vote, N.H. Supreme Court Upholds Northern Pass Denial

The New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday dealt what may be the final blow to the Northern Pass transmission line.

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NHPR's coverage of the first-in-the-nation presidential primary

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Minnesota Senator and presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar pitched herself as an experienced moderate during  a series of campaign stops in New Hampshire over the weekend.

At an event at the home of former Democratic state senator Peter Burling in Cornish, Klobuchar told the crowd that candidates for president shouldn’t make promises they can’t keep.

"Especially after they've lived through a president whose lies literally litter the carpeting of the Oval Office."

Courtesy of Marek Bennett

Freeman Colby was a young schoolteacher from New Hampshire who joined the Union Army during the American Civil War. For the first nine months, Colby kept detailed notes of his service and wrote to his family members. Marek Bennett of Henniker drew on these rich resources for his graphic novel, The Civil War Diary of Freeman Colby. In that volume, Bennett stuck close to Colby's exact language. Recently, he's published Volume II, in which he takes some liberties and draws on new sources for inspiration. NHPR's Peter Biello sat down with Marek Bennett to talk about Volume II.

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Governor Chris Sununu has signed a bill aimed at helping low-income residents benefit from solar power.

It was one of his stated priorities for the year – and one of the few renewable energy proposals on which he compromised with Democratic lawmakers.

This week on Word of Mouth, we continue our series on New Hampshire's north country by answering a listener question:

What are towns doing, or what should they be doing, to increase the availability of high-speed internet in the north country? --Laura Clerkin, Bethlehem

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Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bipartisan bill into law Friday that aims to protect New Hampshire businesses from having to collect and remit sales taxes for other states. 

ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing / Flickr/CC

A new report from the New Hampshire Housing Finance Authority says the affordable housing market has gotten even tighter this year. The survey polled owners and managers of more than 23,000 market rate rentals across the state, earlier this year. 

The results revealed that rent prices are rising and less housing is available.

  • The median rental price for a two bedroom unit increased 4% since 2018
  • The statewide vacancy rate decreased from 2% to less than 1%.


Courtesy j van cise photos via Flickr/Creative Commons.

New Hampshire benefits from the presence of seven different turtle species. This week on Something Wild we’re taking a closer look at two of the most common species you can find all over the state: painted turtles and snapping turtles.


The Green Crab R&D Project

The Green Crab has been disrupting New England ecosystems and consuming commercially important species like oysters for years. As oceans have warmed, their populations in New Hampshire waters have exploded. 

Some scientists now believe one way to stop them is to make them something people want to eat. 

Gabriela Bradht is the Fisheries Specialist at the University of New Hampshire and New Hampshire Sea Grant. She’s been studying the crabs as a potential emerging fishery. She sat down with All Things Considered host Peter Biello to talk all things crab.

Chris Jensen, NHPR

The New Hampshire Supreme Court on Friday dealt what may be the final blow to the Northern Pass transmission line.

Weekly N.H. News Roundup: July 19, 2019

Jul 19, 2019

The governor signs a bill into law to protect New Hampshire children from discrimination at school. He also signed into law a bill requiring public schools to provide tampons or pads in all gender neutral and female restrooms. We discuss the controversy in Newington over Pride Month lawn signs. And the Supreme Court releases its decision on the Northern Pass appeal of the denial of its $1.6 billion high-transmission power line project.



Special Summer Series

This summer, NHPR is reporting a stories of a story about - and inspired by - the state's first turnpike.

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