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While Impeachment Ties Senators To D.C., Surrogates Step In On N.H. Campaign Trail

President Trump’s impeachment proceedings have only been before the U.S. Senate for one day, but with four senators running for president, they are already affecting life on the ground in early voting states like New Hampshire.

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The N.H. Primary News Roundup: January 24, 2019

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Sidelined by the impeachment trial this week, several Democratic presidential candidates are working on alternative ways to connect with voters, including sending out surrogates and planning satellite interviews and remote events over Skype.  Other candidates, including former Vice President Joe Biden and former Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg, have been free to campaign in person and have been doing so intensely this week in the two early voting states.  Meanwhile, in several N.H. Democratic primary polls, Senator Sanders is in the lead, though margins vary widely.  Still, many voters remain undecided; and, in one poll, nearly half of respondents said there's still a chance they will change their mind before the primary. 

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Voters in Lebanon will decide in March whether to adopt a proposed "Welcoming Ordinance" for the city.

The ordinance would limit city employees from working with or sharing immigration-related information with federal immigration authorities.

Lebanon city councilors considered the proposal Wednesday night, and voted 8 to 1 put the matter on the March ballot.

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New Hampshire legislators are starting work on a dozen marijuana bills filed for the 2020 session, including allowing patients enrolled in the state's therapeutic cannabis program to grow their own medical marijuana. 

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee heard a handful of bills Wednesday that propose expanding qualifying conditions — adding autism, for example — and addressing access and affordability.

N.H. Warns of Poor Air Quality Until Saturday

10 hours ago

State environmental officials are warning that parts of New Hampshire could see poor air quality through Saturday as a result of lower temperatures, calm conditions and pollution.

The New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services is advising that children, older adults and people with respiratory health problems in the southwest parts of the state take precautions.

Updated at 9:49 p.m. ET

The matter before the Senate isn't just President Trump's conduct; it is no less than the fate of the Constitution and America's role in the world, House managers said on Wednesday.

With the ground rules having been settled in the early hours after sometimes-bitter litigation between the House delegation and Trump's legal team, senators returned Wednesday afternoon to hear the formal opening of the case.

Democrats are going first with 24 hours over three days to present their arguments for removing Trump from office.

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

The Executive Council has voted unanimously to confirm the CEO of New Hampshire Hospital to lead the state's Health and Human Services Department. 

Lori Shibinette succeeds Jeff Meyers, who resigned late last year after almost four years in what many consider the most challenging job in state government.

Governor Chris Sununu says he picked Shibinette to lead HHS because of what he called her unmatched operational experience.

Dan Tuohy | NHPR

President Trump’s impeachment proceedings have only been before the U.S. Senate for one day, but with four senators running for president, they are already affecting life on the ground in early voting states like New Hampshire.


The U.S. Attorney's office says a woman who took part in a monthslong standoff with her husband at their New Hampshire home against U.S. marshals in 2007 should not be released from federal prison yet.

The government said Tuesday that Elaine Brown and co-conspirators "armed themselves to the teeth" and threatened the marshals.

It recommends that she serve at least another decade in prison.

Updated at 10:51 p.m. ET

House Democrats concluded on Wednesday the first of three days of opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump, arguing that the president must be removed from office for abusing his office and obstructing Congress.

Updated at 1:57 a.m. ET on Wednesday

After more than 12 hours of action Tuesday, the Senate adopted the ground rules for the coming weeks in President Trump's impeachment trial. It brought a reminder that even this highly scripted ordeal may include a few surprises after all.


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