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NHPR's Community Advisory Board

Patricia McLaughlin

NHPR’s Community Advisory Board is a panel of listeners from across the state, representative of the communities we serve, and allows us to gather meaningful feedback about our strategic direction, programming, policies and services.

NHPR relies on a Community Advisory Board to give the station regular feedback on our programs, Trustee decisions, and the needs of our audience.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the most recent Community Advisory Board meeting was held virtually via Zoom on Saturday, May 8, 2021. The CAB also met in special session on Tuesday, June 22 - also via Zoom - to provide feedback on NHPR's new morning programming.

The fall CAB meeting will be held on Saturday, October 30, via Zoom.
Community Advisory Board meetings are open to the public. To get Zoom details for each meeting, please contact NHPR.

NHPR's Community Advisory Board

  • Kile Adumene
  • Teri Bordenave
  • Whitney Brown 
  • Laura Chynoweth
  • Dan Darling
  • Diana Duffy 
  • John Erickson 
  • Olga Goldberg
  • Christopher Killam
  • Wesley LeFevre
  • Amanda Martinez
  • Barbara Mellert
  • Michelle Moran
  • Katie Mosher
  • Warren Muir
  • Ginie Murphy 
  • Cheryl O'Malley
  • Sarah Palermo
  • Ned Raynolds
  • Karen Rosenberg 
  • Connie Roy-Czyzowski
  • Jeffrey Scholtz
  • Melinda Shofner
  • Mica Stark
  • Judy Strakalaitis
  • Jessica Wilson 
  • Jacob Wojnas
  • David L. Young
  • Phyllis Zrzavy

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why does NHPR need a Community Advisory Board?

A: Not only is it a requirement of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but NHPR recognizes the importance of obtaining constructive feedback on a consistent basis from the people we serve.

Q: What does the Community Advisory Board do?

A: The role of the Community Advisory Board is to provide feedback on programming, policies, new initiatives and services. 

Q: How will the Community Advisory Board be chosen?

A: We ask people to submit an application so that we can create an advisory board that represents a broad range of demographics, including age, geography, diversity and experience. The Community Advisory Board has a steering committee composed of three members of the panel. This steering committee is responsible for helping to develop the agendas and presenting annually to the Board of Trustees.

Q: What kind of commitment will members of the Community Advisory Board be agreeing to?

A: The Community Advisory Board meets twice a year at the NHPR studios in Concord. Community Advisory Board members are elected for one three-year term and also eligible to serve a second, three-year term. Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2021, the group is meeting remote via Zoom. 

Q: What will happen at Community Advisory Board meetings?

A: Meetings typically begin in the morning at 9:00 am with comments from NHPR’s leadership team, followed by station updates and education sessions presented by members of the NHPR staff. The Community Advisory Board will then discuss a particular topic or issue for the remainder of the morning. You will be asked to do some homework before the meeting based on that topic or issue. For example, if we are developing a new show, you might be asked to listen to pilot segments and provide feedback; or if we were launching a new digital initiative, we might ask you to “road-test” it in advance. More discussion on other topics follows after lunch. The meetings are moderated by a professional facilitator who guides the discussion and provides a report afterwards. Lunch is provided. The meetings typically conclude by 2:00 pm. 

Q: How can I learn more? 

A: Feel free to reach out to NHPR's Communications & Marketing team at: communications@nhpr.org, or by calling: 1-603-223-2444.