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Lawrence Says Evidence Of His Business Record Is "Proprietary" and "Classified"


Republican candidate for Congress Jim Lawrence provided details on his business background in an interview with the Union Leader, after a report by NHPR into Lawrence’s business record. 

Throughout his campaign, Lawrence has boasted about his work as a military consultant, advising the Department of Defense. But an investigation by NHPR into federal databases found no reference to him, or his company, Lawrence Battelle, Inc.

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Tuesday, Lawrence told the Union Leader he has tax returns and certified financials that “legitimize” his company.

“I would be willing to share those with you privately,” he said, “obviously those are not public records, and some of those records may be subject to certain both proprietary and classification requirements.”

He said the company’s revenues topped seven figures, and, he said, its contracts may not have been reported because they were under $100,000.

However, the federal government reports all contracts and subcontracts over $25,000.

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