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Outside Spending, Attack Ads Enter New Hampshire Governor's Race

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Outside spending has started to pour into the race for New Hampshire governor. It comes as Gov. Chris Sununu enjoys a large cash advantage over Democratic rival Dan Feltes.

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Feltes entered the general election with less than a tenth of the money Sununu reported having, but the state Democratic party is aiming to give Feltes a boost by spending a million dollars on an ad that uses Sununu's own words to tie him to President Trump.

"'I'm a Trump guy, through and through,'" Sununu says in the ad, which includes the tag line, "Chris Sununu: Bringing Donald Trump's agenda to New Hampshire."

Watch the ad:

The Republican Governors Association, meanwhile, is plowing a million dollars into an ad attacking Feltes.

"At a time when we can least afford it, Feltes wants to raise taxes on our families and small businesses," the ad proclaims.

Watch the ad:

The RGA, which has spent on Sununu's behalf in all of his elections, booked $3.6 million worth of TV ad time in April. It's an open question if that group's Democratic counterpart, the Democratic Governors Association, will choose to spend in New Hampshire in 2020.

The DGA plowed millions into the 2016 governor's race, but spent nothing on ads here in 2018. 

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