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Manchester Voters To Decide Ballot Question on City's Flag


Voters in Manchester will see two ballot questions on Tuesday. One is something on the ballot in ten other cities this Election Day, a variation of: Shall the city allow the operation of Keno games within the city?

But the other one is a little different. It's a non-binding informational question about the city flag. It reads:

"Which flag would you like to see as the official flag of the city of Manchester?"

Voters are given four options, including the current flag. There's crown image, a nod to Manchester being known as the Queen City. The Merrimack River is also celebrated, and a reference to the city's historic mills.

The flag design contest started almost a year ago to encourage civic engagement and renew a positive marketing and branding opportunity for New Hampshire's largest city, according to the sponsors: Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce, N.H. Institute of Art, Manchester Historic Association, and Manchester Arts Commission.

The city flag voting results will be submitted to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen. Again, this is a non-binding ballot question, so the city government leaders are not required to act.

In the end, it might just be like the flag debate in the City of Laconia. As NHPR reported last year, after crowd-sourcing new options, Laconia decided to keep its old flag, thank you very much.

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