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Trigger Warnings, Born In Between, & Miranda July

Thomas Hawk via Flickr CC

Demanding trigger warnings? Canceling speakers? Shutting down comedians? College students today make the political correctness of the past seem tame. Today, is oversensitivity ruining education? We’ll also look at the roots of extreme protectiveness in a nation where police officers are stationed at more and more high schools…a story about what happens when school discipline meets law enforcement. And while the trans-gender movement gains ground, we’ll explore the shockingly common occurrence of doctors assigning gender to intersex babies. 

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Trigger Warnings

In a cover story for the Atlantic magazine called “The Coddling of the American Mind,” Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt propose that it is not only is over-sensitivity – often in the form of trigger warnings - disastrous for education, but for mental health as well. Greg Lukianoff spoke with us to explain further

Trigger Warnings

Life of the Law: School Discipline

About one-third of us schools have a regular police presence on campus; some districts employ their own police forces. As the number of law enforcement officers on campuses has gone up, so too have the number of arrests – and navigating the line between discipline and law enforcement, is anything but simple.  Life of the Law’s Alisa Roth brought us the story.

You can listen to this story again at PRX.org

Born In Between

Azeen Ghorayshi is Science Reporter for Buzzfeed news and author of the article “Born In Between: Should Doctors Operate on Intersex Babies?”

Born In Between

Miranda July

Miranda July is an artist, a writer, a filmmaker, and whatever else she decides she wants to be. Her novel is called The First Bad Man

Miranda July

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