Measure Would Bar N.H. From Requiring Vaccine 'Passports' | New Hampshire Public Radio

Measure Would Bar N.H. From Requiring Vaccine 'Passports'

Apr 28, 2021

New Hampshire State House.
Credit Dan Tuohy / NHPR

New Hampshire is not developing or requiring "vaccine passports," documents that show you were vaccinated against COVID-19, but a proposed legislative measure would prohibit state government from requiring people to receive the vaccine or possess the passport.

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Its sponsor, Republican state Rep. Tim Baxter, testified Tuesday that vaccine passports could discriminate against people flying, traveling, trying to get a job, or even going to the supermarket.

The measure says medical facilities treating COVID-19 patients shall be exempt, "where a direct threat exists that cannot be eliminated or reduced by reasonable accommodation."

Hospital, home care and business associations said that language is problematic and difficult to enforce.