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Restrictions on setting fires in the White Mountain National Forest have been lifted now that the region has gotten more rain.

Forest officials enacted rules Sept. 25 that allowed fires only in metal fire rings, pits or pole mounted grills provided by the U.S. Fire Service in designated campgrounds or picnic areas.

The restrictions were put in place after an extended period of dry, warm weather and several fire incidents in the forest. The restrictions were rescinded late this week.

voting booths
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Democratic U.S. Rep. Chris Pappas and Republican challenger Matt Mowers attacked each other in a debate over how best to provide coronavirus relief, tackle police reform and offer New Hampshire residents affordable health care.

The two routinely talked over each other in Wednesday's debate as they discussed providing economic help to small businesses and other issues.

They also disagreed over how to address police reforms after the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and on the Affordable Care Act.

Pappas wants to shore it up.

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UPDATE: 9:45 p.m. Monday:

Police say a Maine man accused of firing a gun in a shopping center parking lot in New Hampshire had multiple stolen firearms and a significant quantity of ammunition.

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The family of Maura Murray, a 21-year-old nursing student who disappeared after a February 2004 car crash in New Hampshire, is asking for a state highway historical marker to be installed at the spot where she vanished.

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A New Hampshire man will face more time in prison stemming from a monthslong armed standoff with U.S. marshals in 2007 over a tax evasion conviction that led to the discovery of explosives and booby traps on his property.

U.S. Navy

The Navy has begun releasing documents from the investigation into the deadliest submarine disaster in U.S. history.

A judge ordered the release of the documents pertaining to the sinking of the USS Thresher 57 years ago, and the first batch was made public Wednesday.

Courtesy Breonna Taylor family

Kentucky grand jury has brought no charges against Louisville police for the killing of Breonna Taylor during a drug raid gone wrong.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that two officers who fired their weapons at the Black woman were justified in using force to protect themselves.

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New Hampshire officials say a climber died when a tumbling boulder severed his rope, causing him to fall 150 feet while climbing on Cannon Cliff in Franconia Notch State Park.

Several people saw the climber fall on Sunday, but the man's body couldn't be recovered until Monday.

Officials identified the climber 34-year-old Benjamin Kessel, of Somerville, Massachusetts.

Officials say Kessel was climbing up the cliff when a rock the size of a refrigerator dislodged and sliced his rope.

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A county grand jury has indicted a man on a first-degree murder charge in the stabbing death of a woman at the company headquarters of Timberland in Stratham, New Hampshire.

Twenty-one-year-old Robert Pavao, formerly of Berwick, Maine, is accused of killing Catherine Heppner on Feb. 9.

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Recounts are underway in several close races after Tuesday's state primary.

The Secretary of State's office says 304,671 ballots were cast in the primaries in which voters selected nominees for governor, Congress and the state Legislature.

The total easily surpassed the previous record for a state primary, which was 228,432 ballots cast in 2018.

On Tuesday, there were 156,976 Democratic ballots and 147,695 Republican ballots.

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A voter bared her arms, and more, after she was told she couldn't wear an anti-Trump shirt at a polling place and responded by whipping it off and doing her civic duty topless.

The woman wore a "McCain Hero, Trump Zero" T-shirt at the polling place in Exeter, New Hampshire, on Tuesday's primary election. reports that moderator Paul Scafidi told her she couldn't wear a shirt featuring a political candidate.

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The perennial presidential candidate who wears a boot on his head and promises every American a free pony is mounting a write-in campaign for the U.S. Senate in Massachusetts.

In a video posted this week on YouTube, Vermin Supreme proclaims himself a Libertarian alternative to U.S. Sen. Edward Markey and U.S. Rep. Joe Kennedy III, the Democrats battling it out in next Tuesday's primary.

Two Republicans, Kevin O'Connor and Shiva Ayyadurai, also are running.

A weekend of wild weather in New Hampshire included a tornado that touched down in Ossipee and powerful gusts that caused injuries at a tent revival in Ipswich.

Officials say the tornado caused only minor damage Saturday afternoon, uprooting trees and sending shingles flying off roofs. The weather service also confirms a microburst near Wolfeboro earlier on Saturday. Officials say the storm produced at least one waterspout over Lake Winnipesaukee.

DNC livestream

In a moving speech on the final night of the Democratic National Convention, a 13-year-old boy from Concord, N.H., told the nation how Joe Biden helped him overcome his stutter.

Brayden Harrington described meeting Biden this year and getting tips on speaking without a stutter.

Brayden said, "Joe Biden cared."

The boy spoke into a cellphone camera at his home and read, carefully, from a piece of paper.

"We stutter," he said in the video, which aired shortly before Biden accepted the Democratic nomination for president.


An American who was jailed for months in Lebanon and later released over decades-old murder and torture charges that he denied has died.

The family of 57-year-old Amer Fakhoury, a restaurant owner in Dover, New Hampshire, says he died Monday at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.


A former chief justice of the Colorado Supreme Court has requested a criminal investigation into a charitable foundation run by Corky Messner, a Republican running for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire.

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The letter Mary Mullarkey and others sent to the Colorado secretary of state and attorney general accuses Messner of running a fraudulent foundation purported to help low-income college students.

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The coronavirus pandemic has both helped and hurt when it comes to New Hampshire's longstanding problem of psychiatric patients waiting in emergency rooms for inpatient beds.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed four more bills Friday, including one that would have allowed guns to be taken from people who present a danger to themselves or others.

USA - NH - New Hampshire State Police
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The New Hampshire's attorney general's office has announced that a state trooper has resigned after he was accused of twice falsifying records.

James Callahan was first accused of falsifying information on a form following an incident in Madison, New Hampshire, earlier this year.

During the course of the investigation, the attorney general's office found Callahan had also falsified information on his official report. He allegedly made false statements about where the K-9 drug-detection search had occurred.

New Hampshire Fish and Game officers say a 55-year-old hiker on a mountain trail in New Hampshire has died after suffering a medical emergency.

Officers said the man, from Concord, Massachusetts, had collapsed while hiking the Welch and Dickey Trail in Thornton on Tuesday.

People with him and a passer-by who was a medical professional immediately started CPR, and first responders assisted. But they were not successful.

The man’s name has not been released.


Officials in Massachusetts have identified the human remains recovered Thursday after a multi-day search.

The FBI's Boston office said Friday the remains are of Zakhia Charabati.

The 52-year-old Manchester, New Hampshire resident was reported missing by his family on Mar. 14.

The agency said the buried remains were located after a four-month investigation. The FBI said Charabati's family has been notified and is requesting privacy.

NOAA Fisheries

A worldwide conservation organization says the status of a rare species of whale has worsened to the point where it deserves greater attention from the global environmental community.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature said Thursday it is moving the North Atlantic right whale from "endangered" to "critically endangered" on its Red List of jeopardized species.

The Switzerland-based organization's Red List is one of the most-cited endangered species lists in the world.

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Lifeguards are urging swimmers to use caution this holiday weekend following a spate of rip current rescues in New England.

Lifeguards at New Hampshire’s Hampton Beach said they made 83 rescues on Thursday.

At Maine’s Scarborough Beach State Park, lifeguards rescued eight children from rip currents that same day.

The National Weather Service warned of rip currents Thursday, but they can happen anytime.

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A New Hampshire court has ruled that some evidence related to the driving and drug use of the pickup driver whose collision with a group of bikers left seven motorcyclists dead will be admissible in his criminal case.

The Superior Court ruled that evidence related to Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, of West Springfield, Massachusetts, driving erratically earlier in the day of the Randolph crash could be admitted.

The Boston Marathon is officially canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.

This is the first cancellation in the history of the 124-year race.

Organizers had postponed the marathon from April 20 to Sept. 14.

They say instead they will offer a "virtual event" in which participants who verify that they ran 26.2 miles on their own will receive their finisher's medal.


Gov. Charlie Baker is extending the state's stay-at-home advisory until May 18 as Massachusetts continues to battle the spread of the coronavirus.

Baker said Tuesday that all nonessential businesses will also remain closed until the new deadline.

[New Hampshire's stay-at-home order is in effect until May 4. Read Governor Sununu's order]

Authorities say the number of deaths linked to the coronavirus at a Massachusetts home for veterans has risen to 67.


The House has approved a $2.2 trillion rescue package, rushing it to President Donald Trump for his signature.

The measure tosses a life preserver to a U.S. economy and health care system left flailing by the coronavirus pandemic.

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Gov. Chris Sununu is nominating Capt. Nathan Noyes to lead the New Hampshire State Police.

Sununu was nominating Noyes at Wednesday's Executive Council meeting. Noyes is commander of a field operations bureau in the state police.

He has served as a state trooper since 2001, previously holding the ranks of troop commander, assistant troop commander, patrol supervisor, and trooper.

Noyes has received several honors, including the Congressional Law Enforcement Award.

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Voters in 15 New Hampshire towns are scheduled to vote during annual town meetings whether to permit the operation of sports betting retail locations in their communities.

New Hampshire legalized betting on professional and college sports when Gov. Chris Sununu signed a bill in July.

The bill, which launched in December, authorized online sports betting and up to 10 retail sportsbook locations, which have not yet been selected.

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New Hampshire has joined a coalition of 39 states to look into the marketing and sales of vaping products by Juul Labs, including whether the company targeted youths and made misleading claims about nicotine content in its devices.

The attorney general's Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau will participate in the investigation.

Gov. Chris Sununu says a priority of his administration is keeping vapes out of the hands of high-schoolers.