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New Bill Would Replace Columbus Day with Indigenous People's Day in N.H.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR
N.H. Statehouse

Some lawmakers in New Hampshire want the state to celebrate Indigenous People's Day, instead of Columbus Day, next year.

The bill was introduced by Democratic State Rep Wayne Burton.

He says he hopes people would use the new holiday to reflect on the history of people who lived here for thousands of years before European settlers arrived.

“I hope we use it as an educational moment, to really think about our history. We get all caught up in whatever the issues of the day are and forget that we have a larger obligation for educating people.”

Burton is also a town councilor in Durham. Earlier this year he was among those who voted to adopt the holiday in that community.

The move is part of a nationwide trend.

At least four states, including Vermont, and dozens of cities around the country have replaced Columbus Day with a holiday celebrating indigenous people.

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