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Outside/In: You can't get further outdoors than space

In this Outside/In episode, we tackle the final frontier of the outdoors: space! From rocket particles to ominous theories about what might happen if we ever make contact with aliens, we’re launching into uncharted territory to answer your questions about outer space.

And speaking of uncharted territory, we’re kicking this episode off with a very important introduction: our new host Nate Hegyi is picking up the mic for the first time.

Question 1: How do I become a backyard astronomer? Here are seven tips for getting started. 

Question 2: How sustainable is space travel? 

Question 3: What is the ‘Dark Forest’ theory?

Question 4: Would the hare-brained scheme from 'Don't Look Up' actually work?

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Featuring: Susan Rolke, Jennifer Willis, Martin Ross, Jonathan Yaney, and Amy Mainzer.

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