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8.09.16: Mugshots, Second Amendment Rights, & We're Muslim, Don't Panic

Alex Eylar via Flickr CC

Mugshots are considered to be public record by the American justice system. They're also a multi-million dollar source of revenue for internet scammers. Today on the show, an investigation of extortionist websites that hold people's images, and reputations for ransom.

Plus, the chancellor of a very unusual school talks about the growing business of cannabis, and a troupe of Muslim women form a B-Girl dance group and show the western world that just because you wear a hijab, doesn't mean you can't bust a move.  

Listen to the full show.

Profiting Off Mugshots

It's a sacred principle of our criminal justice system: a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. Public opinion however, is a little more hasty - and internet scammers capitalize on that impatience, by holding people's reputations for ransom. Natasha Del Toro is a correspondent for Fusion's "Naked Truth" investigative team, and lead producer of a year-long project, culminating in a documentary called, Mugged, which exposes the mugshot extortion industry.

Profiting Off Mugshots

Oaksterdam University

Last year, producer Taylor Quimby produced a series called the Uncommon Core - conversations with professors who teach unusual courses from around the country.  All of the professors he spoke with came from fairly conventional colleges and universities - except for one.  This piece offers a window into a school that teaches the business of cannabis.

You can listen to this piece again and read more about Oaksterdam University here: Oaksterdam University and the Academics of Cannabis

2nd Amendment Rights Aren't Really the Same for Everyone

In light of recent events over the past few months – especially the shooting death of Philando Castille at a traffic stop during which Castille told the officer he had a permit for concealed carry - the question of whether African-Americans enjoy the same gun rights as whites was raised in several social media posts. Atlantic staff writer David Graham, looked into that question and wrote "The Second Amendment's Second-Class Citizens".

Second Amendment Rights Aren't Really the Same for Everyone

We're Muslim, Don't Panic

At the intersection of feminism, break dancing, and religious tolerance, there is a dance group like nothing you've ever seen before. Amirah Sackett is a choreographer, artist, and creator of the three person, B-Girl dance group, https://vimeo.com/48785330" target="_blank">We're Muslim, Don't Panic

We're Muslim, Don't Panic

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