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01.12.16: Islamic Fashion, Sounds of Protest, & White Walls

John Flannery via Flickr CC

The term "protest song" conjures up songs from the 1960s...and artists from Nina Simone and Sam Cooke to Bob Dylan and Pete Seeger. If we are living in a new civil rights era, what do protests songs sound like in 2016? We have a playlist and analysis.

Then, we all have baggage. The things we inherit from our childhood that clutter our psyches. What happens when that clutter is actually physical -- from generations of hoarding? We'll hear from a woman who rejected her chaotic upbringing in favor of extreme minimalism, and found that less is not always more.

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Alia Khan on Islamic Fashion

Alia Khan is chairwoman of the Islamic Fashion and Design Council and she joined us from Dubai to discuss Dolce & Gabbana's recent foray into the world of high fashion hijabs.

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Alia Khan on Islamic Fashion

Sounds of Protest

We spoke with Justin Charity, a staff writer with Complex magazine about what protest sounds like in 2016.

What Protest Sounds Like in 2016

You'll find a list of the songs we discussed at this link: What Protest Sounds Like in 2016

Rodney Learns to Fly

“Biophilia” refers to the instinctive affection humans have for nature. It’s a term that was coined in the mid-80s by renowned biologist E.O. Wilson. Since then, scientists have shown that spending time in green spaces reduces brain fatigue, helps kids handle stress, and improves overall physiology. For those who live in intensely urban environments, connecting with the natural world may provide a literal and figurative lifeline. This story, which comes to us from producer Ari Daniel, is about just such a connection.

This story is part of the STEM Story Project – distributed by PRX and made possible with funds from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation. You can listen to it again at PRX.org

White Walls

Judy Batalion, is an art curator, a comedian, and the author of a new memoir, White Walls which focuses on our relationship to people and to things and what we pass on to our children.

White Walls

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