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1.21.15: In Defense Of Office Life, Can We Save The Creative Class, & "Necro-Streaming"

Stephen Cole via flickr Creative Commons

From 9 to 5 to The Office, we’ve got plenty of examples of cookie-cutter cubicles where workers toil away in soul-crushing boredom and fatigue. On today’s show, we flip the script and hear a defense of office life. 

Print media circling the drain, record and film companies battling piracy, the rise of cheap, reality TV: while some sectors have bounced back from the recession, creative industries seem to remain in peril. A former arts reporter ponders the decline of the creative class and what society loses when artists can’t make a living.

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A Love Letter to the Office

  • Jennifer Senior is a contributing writer for New York Magazine where she wrote about the upside of office life: "To the Office, With Love."
  • Jennifer's New York Times best selling book on parenting, All Joy and No Fun is now available in paperback.
  • We've also got a list of films that don't exactly paint the office in such a shining light. Check them out at this link.
A Love Letter to the Office

Office by Day, Gallery by Night

  • A few years ago, amid the cubicles and conference rooms of a San Francisco life insurance office, an insurance salesman decided to become an after-hours curator. Producer Raquel Maria Dillon brings us the story.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

Culture Crash

Culture Crash

"Necro-Streaming": Watching the Remains of a Dying Dead Show

  • What can we gain by watching the last gasps of a television show that's been cut down in the prime of its life? Philip Maciak, television critic and films studies professor explains the practice of "necro-streaming".
"Necro-Streaming": Watching the Remains of a Dying Dead Show

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