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The Exchange

Statehouse Debates: Abortion Clinic Buffer Zone & Gay Conversion Therapy

Pierre Gautreau

First, we'll talk about a bill that aims to repeal a state law that allows abortion clinics to establish twenty-five foot buffer zones, keeping protesters that distance away. 

  • JR Hoell, Republican state representative from Dunbarton and sponsor of HB 1570-FN.
  • Donna Soucy, Democratic senator from Manchester, and sponsor of the 2014 bill that became N.H.’s current buffer zone law

In the second part of the show, we'll talk about a bill to ban a type of psychotherapy called "conversion therapy" aimed at changing a young person's sexual orientation or gender identity.

  • Ed Butler, Democratic representative from Harts Location, and supporter of HB 1661, the bill to ban conversion therapy
  • Bryan McCormack, executive director of NH Cornerstone, a conservative advocacy group that opposes HB 1661.