Sununu Orders 'Save Our Summers' Commission To Look At Whether Schools Should Start After Labor Day

Aug 28, 2018

Credit NHPR Staff

Governor Chris Sununu issued an executive order today establishing a commission to study the impact of New Hampshire schools setting start dates before Labor Day, and to evaluate whether schools should be required to start after the holiday.

(Scroll down to read the order.)

This comes as many New Hampshire kids head back to school.

In the order, Sununu says the percentage of kids starting school after the holiday has dropped 50 percent in the past decade, and that "New Hampshire has an obligation to evaluate whether starting school after Labor Day would have a positive impact" on academic performance, state tourism revenue, and family vacation time.

The commission will include lawmakers, representatives from the state's hospitality and recreation industries, educators, parents, and business community members, all appointed by Sununu. 

Read the executive order issued by Governor Sununu: