School Lunch Funding Challenges Continue in Claremont | New Hampshire Public Radio

School Lunch Funding Challenges Continue in Claremont

Apr 1, 2019

The Claremont and Unity schools have lost more than $450,000 over two years as a result of not submitting federal paperwork for school lunch reimbursements on time, according to acting Superintendent Cory LeClair.

The district will be able to make up the majority of the funds through savings in other areas of the budget, she said, but it’s still a significant loss.

Claremont’s school administration has been in flux recently. The board ousted its superintendent last year, only to once again force out the interim superintendent a little more than a month ago.

LeClair is holding the position now until a new, permanent superintendent takes over this summer.

She says the district has hired a new staff member to better administer the school lunch program.

Claremont has also been in the news recently for a separate issue related to school lunch debts. The district has struggled with families or guardians not paying bills for food students are purchasing at school. The current deficit has stabilized at around $20,000, LeClair said.