N.H. Veto Tracker: Sununu Rejecting Record Number of Bills

Jul 22, 2019

Gov. Chris Sununu used his veto pen only a handful of times in his first term, when Republicans held a majority in both chambers of the Legislature.

This session, with Democrats now holding majorities in the House and Senate, Sununu has already set a modern record for the number of gubernatorial vetoes in a single year. 

Use the tracker below to keep tabs on what's up — and what’s gone down when it comes to vetoes this year. Click the icons to read the bill, stories about the legislation, and the governor's veto message. It takes a two-thirds vote of each chamber to override a veto. This post will be updated.

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A review of legislative records shows the big uptick in vetoes this year, compared to previous governors since the mid-1990s.

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