Don Bolduc Enters 2020 Senate Race As First Republican Challenger To Jeanne Shaheen

Jun 24, 2019

Don Buldoc kicked off his campaign at the VFW in Concord on Monday.
Credit Josh Rogers | NHPR

Retired Brigadier General Don Bolduc is running for U.S. Senate.

Bolduc is the first Republican to challenge incumbent Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in her bid for a third term.

Don Bolduc is a Laconia native who spent 36 years in the army and served 10 tours of duty Afghanistan. He’s never run for elected office but has been a member of New Hampshire’s juvenile parole board. He’s also been an advocate on veterans and mental health issues, particularly for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorders.

Bolduc, who describes himself as a conservative Republican, launched his campaign at the Concord VFW Monday.

"This is not a situation I envisioned myself in at this time. I am anything but a politician, but like many Americans today I am ticked off by the partisan display in Washington D.C."

Bolduc says he respects Jeanne Shaheen's service to the state, but says two terms in the Senate is enough. He also said leaders need to set examples for children.

When asked to assess the example for children set by President Donald Trump, Buldoc said it wasn't for him to say. 

Other Republicans looking at getting into the race are former New Hampshire House speaker Bill O’Brien and Attorney Bryant “Corky” Messner.