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Sununu Consults Board Of Education On Edelblut

josh rogers\nhpr

The Executive Council was set to confirm Frank Edelblut at its last meeting, when councilor Andru Volinsky, a democrat who opposes Edelblut, questioned if the Governor had met his legal obligation to "consult" the state board of education about the nomination.

Sununu had spoken with the board's chairman, but decided to postpone the vote until he could meet with the whole board.

Sununu  pitched Edelblut, who has never worked in education and who home schooled seven children, as an expert committed to improving education for all New Hampshire children. The governor also pushed back when board members questioned Edelblut's lack of professional or academic credentials.

"You could come in here with five different PhDs in education but you still have to be able to walk out this door and make that case. No one should be able to be relying on a resume or a few letter after their names to define their qualifications. You have to prove it, right."

Frank Edelblut could start proving it shortly. The council is expected to confirm him tomorrow on a 3-2 party line vote.

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