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As Governor-Elect Steps Aside, Sununu Family To Retain Ties with Waterville Valley

Casey McDermott, NHPR

Governor-Elect Chris Sununu will officially cut ties with Waterville Valley Ski Resort on Dec. 31 – just a few days before he’s set to officially step into his role as governor.

That means giving up his job as CEO, a position he’s held since his family bought the resort back in 2010, and giving up his seat on the board of directors.

Other members of the Sununu family will continue to remain involved in the resort in Chris Sununu’s absence.  The Sununus will maintain a majority of the seats on the resort’s seven-person board of directors, but the company would not specify which family members would be sitting on the board or how many seats they would hold moving forward.

When asked for more details, a Waterville spokeswoman said information about the company’s board and shareholders are confidential.

Speaking to NHPR’s Morning Edition last week, Sununu acknowledged that his family would stay involved with the resort even as he steps down.

"My family is still involved in the business, but my family's involved in lots of different things, as are other representatives and elected officials here in the state," Sununu said. “The thing we have in this state which I think we do well is we disclose everything, in terms of what our financial interests are and we recuse ourselves when appropriate. We have ethics committees to make sure everything's done well and in line and we'll keep with that process.”

Sununu will officially begin his job as governor on January 4.

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