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UNH students protest school's response to alleged sexual assault

A statue of the UNH wildcat sits atop a rock.
Samantha Coetzee
New Hampshire Public Radio
Students are sharing a Change.org petition calling for the expulsion of a student.

University of New Hampshire students are protesting the school's response to sexual assault allegations against a student at the Durham campus.

According to The New Hampshire, the university's student newspaper, about 100 students showed up at the home of university president James Dean Friday night.

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Students have also shared a Change.org petition calling for the expulsion of a student related to these allegations. The petition has over 5,300 signatures and asserts that the student has committed multiple acts of rape and sexual assault against different students.

A statement from a university spokesperson in The New Hampshire said UNH is aware of a recent sexual assault claim and is investigating.

WMUR also reported the university police are now investigating the report.

A spokesperson for the university did not respond to a request for comment from NHPR.

This story is developing and will be updated.