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LCHIP Announces New Round of Preservation, Conservation Grants

Ken Gallager at English Wikipedia

The publicly-funded Land and Community Heritage Investment Program, better known as LCHIP, announced its annual grant recipients on Wednesday.

This year’s winners include Belmont’s Public Library, a building constructed of red brick in the Colonial Revival style.

“Yeah, it was definitely built for a different time,” says Eileen Gilbert, the library’s director, of the 1928 structure. After submitting an application, the Belmont Library will receive $13,355 in LCHIP funds for some exterior work.

“Restoring the brickwork will keep the appearance of the library, and keep us weather tight,” says Gilbert.

The largest grant this year is going to the Nature Conservancy as it works to purchase and protect the Surry Mountain forest.

In total, 33 different projects received matching funds for a total of $3.5 million. 

The funds come from fees assessed on certain documents at county registry offices, as well as the moose license plate program. 

Earlier this year, Gov. Chris Sununu vetoed a bill that would have expanded the LCHIP program by adding a $10 tax on real estate transfers. He continues to praise the program’s mission.

"LCHIP defines the 603," says Sununu in a statement. "These grants not only help preserve some of our states most important natural, cultural, and historic sites, but provide an immeasurable benefit to Granite Staters."

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