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Sununu Vetoes Controversial Change To Parole Rules

Credit mikecogh via Flickr Creative Commons

Governor Chris Sununu has vetoed a bill relating to prison sentences for those struggling with substance abuse.

In New Hampshire, if a prisoner is out on parole but has that parole revoked, he or she must be recommitted for at least 90 days. The parole board has some flexibility in handing down those sentences, though.

The bill Sununu vetoed Monday sought to expand that flexibility for those struggling with substance abuse, allowing the board to be more lenient when an offender is going through a residential treatment program. 

Some, though, including law enforcement, argued it went too far

In his veto message, Sununu said the bill had good intentions, but failed to take into account other important concerns, including the nature of the crime committed and whether substance abuse programs offered in prison are adequate. 

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