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NH News

Firecrackers Now Legal (And For Sale) In New Hampshire

Samantha Fogel

Last Friday, Governor Chris Sununu signed a bill to legalize firecrackers in New Hampshire.  They are now for sale at licensed fireworks dealers in the state.

Champny’s Fireworks in Bow is stocked floor to ceiling with every type of fireworks imaginable. Now that firecrackers have been legalized, they can fully round out their stock and gear up for the 4th of July.

Firecrackers might be smaller than fireworks, but it's their loud cracking noise that gives them their name- and what makes them so appealing.

Owner Deborah Colby says firecrackers actually pose more safety concerns, and she's been talking to her customers about that.

Firecrackers are still illegal in Massachusetts, so New Hampshire fireworks retailers should expect to see some out of state customers this weekend.  

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