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Lawmakers Consider Education Tax Credits

Lawmakers heard testimony Monday about a bill that would give public school students an average of $2,500 for homeschooling or private school attendance.

The funds would come from a tax credit given to businesses that donate to state-certified scholarship programs.

 “In the last decade eight states have launched education tax credit programs to expand educational opportunities for hundreds of thousands of students,” said House Majority DJ Bettencourt, who sponsored the legislation.

“Education tax credit programs have saved money in other states,” said Bettencourt.

But opponents of the bill question that assertion; saying the effects on the public school system could be disastrous.

“As the program grows and more and more children leave the public schools, you’re leaving the dusty hulk of a public school system,” said Bill Duncan of Newcastle. “The only ones left are those who can’t get out,” said Duncan

A Senate version of the bill is scheduled for a hearing Tuesday.