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0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff8f4d0000NHPR’s ongoing coverage of water contamination at the former Pease Air Force Base and in the communities surrounding the Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics plant in Merrimack. We’ll keep you updated on day to day developments, and ask bigger questions, such as:What do scientists know about the health effects of perfluorochemicals like PFOA, PFOS and PFHxS?How are policy makers in New Hampshire responding to these water contaminants?How are scientists and policymakers communicating potential risks?How are other states responding to similar contaminations?

Merrimack To Vote On Putting Public Water Utility In Town's Control

Via Flickr CC

Merrimack residents will vote this month on giving the town control of their water utility.

It comes after two years of struggle with contamination in local wells, likely stemming from local plastics-maker Saint Gobain.

Laurene Allen co-founded Merrimack Citizens for Clean Water, and says the local public water company's board hasn't been transparent about its dealings with the polluter.

Her group has three proposals at the town's annual meeting about the utility, asking for town leadership to begin managing the utility directly.

“It will give the town and the residents the opportunity to negotiate on their own behalf, or make demands of Saint Gobain that they think is [sic] fair and reasonable, and get some answers,” she says.

Whatever the outcome of the March 27 vote, she says the proposal will probably face another vote next year before it’s finalized.

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