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University System Asks Budget Writers For $100 Million

Kyle Todesca, UNH

The University System of New Hampshire is asking lawmakers for $100 million dollars in annual state funding.

That’s more than twice what they were given in the previous budget.

Heads of the various state departments, and the presidents of the state’s universities went before budget writers today to present their initial requests for state funds.

Chancellor of the University System, Ed McKay, says he is cautiously optimistic that governor elect Maggie Hassan will make restoring the cuts from the last budget a priority.

McKay: We are requesting a substantial renewed financial commitment from this state, but we are doing so based on a well-earned national reputation for controlling costs.

University leaders say that lowering the cost of higher education in New Hampshire is essential to keeping young people in the state, and vital to the state’s economic future.

The restoration of the cuts to the university system is by no means a sure thing, however.

Republican leaders have said that any increased spending will have to be made up for by cuts elsewhere.

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