'Capturing Grace': Documentary Features Parkinson's Patients Learning To Dance

Sep 17, 2013

A few years after he was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, writer, producer, and Public Radio host Dave Iverson learned that the Mark Morris Dance Group was teaching dance to people with Parkinson's at its Brooklyn headquarters.  Dave was touched - and produced a special on the dance group for the PBS Newshour and the PBS series Frontline.

More recently, he's rounded up a team of pros to film students preparing for their first public performance. He’s launched a Kickstarter project called “Capturing Grace" to finish the film.

Also joining us is David Levanthal – who until recently was one of the Mark Morris Dance Group’s most celebrated dancers. He’s now focusing entirely on dance for PD, the program working with Parkinson’s patients.

Producer's note:

This conversation took place in October of last year. A quick update on the film’s progress…”capturing grace” is currently being submitted to several film festivals and will be screened at the World Parkinson’s Conference in Montreal on October 2nd. Here's the trailer: