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N.H. Hospitals to Run Most Substance Abuse Treatment 'Hubs'

Hospitals will operate seven of the nine hubs at the center of the Sununu administration's newly designed approach to treating substance abuse. But despite the promise of millions of dollars in aid, no hospitals in Manchester or Nashua chose to participate in the program.

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Governor Chris Sununu will is entering the final stretch of his reelection effort with a $200,000 financial edge over democratic challenger Molly Kelly. But the Kelly has outraised Sununu 3 to 1 since the primary.

Sununu’s campaign has collected close to $1.5 million dollars in overall donations but only $110,000 since last month’s primary. Kelly, meanwhile has hauled in nearly $350,000 over the same period. The bulk of Kelly’s money is derived from donation less than $100.

Jeff Lougee / The Nature Conservancy

A new handicap-accessible trail opens Thursday in a rare forest in Ossipee – the first such trail the Nature Conservancy has built in the state.

The walking trail runs through the nonprofit’s Ossipee Pine Barrens and complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act.



Libertarian gubernatorial nominee Jilletta Jarvis supports job training as part of any initiative to combat the opioid epidemic in New Hampshire, but she's opposed to Medicaid expansion, which several state leaders say has been a critical tool in response to the health crisis. Morning Edition host Rick Ganley interviewed Jarvis to further discuss health care issues.

Morning Edition is interviewing gubernatorial candidates all week to discuss health policy.

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Lawyers for President Donald Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski and his neighbors on Wednesday said they have resolved most of the issues related to a testy property dispute.

Glenn and Irene Schwartz countersued Lewandowski after he filed a $5 million lawsuit over access to a pond-front property in Windham, New Hampshire. Lewandowski accused the couple of blocking an easement granted to him so he could reach the tract while the couple said he threatened them. Court documents indicate Lewandowski is building a garage at the property alongside a cottage.

Peter Biello/ NHPR

All this week New Hampshire Public Radio is speaking with candidates for governor. Today we’re hearing from Libertarian Jilletta Jarvis. On Morning Edition, she spoke with NHPR’s Rick Ganley about health care policy. She joined All Things Considered host Peter Biello to discuss economic policy.

Photo: West Midlands Police/cc/flickr

The Portsmouth Police Commission is putting together a group to study whether the city police department should start using body cameras or patrol car cameras.

The group will look at the cameras' costs and how other New England communities use them, either for trainings or in court.

Jim Splaine is a Portsmouth police commissioner, and he proposed this review group last month.  He says, getting body cameras might just be a matter of time.




The Manchester Police Department has been ordered to develop a better policy on granting police paid days off.


Major Joyce Craig ordered an internal audit into the practice of so-called "chief days" this summer. Those are paid days off for police personnel that do not count toward vacation time.


The audit found that 466 "chief days" had been awarded since 2009, but it did not reveal the amount of money it cost the city.


We sit down with Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director of New Hampshire Fish and Game (at left).  We discuss recent headlines about his agency: from public boat launches to bears in downtown neighborhoods to a recent legislative study calling Fish and Game "woefully underfunded."


  • Glenn Normandeau, Executive Director of N.H. Fish and Game.

Wikimedia Creative Commons

The New Hampshire Preservation Alliance announced its "Seven to Save" properties Tuesday. The annual register highlights historic places in the state that are in danger of disappearing due to neglect, demolition and other factors.


"This year we're touting it as our most diverse list and certainly that involves its age,” says Andrew Cushing, Field Service Representative with the Alliance. “We have buildings from the 1790s all the way up to the 1940s."

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

For this week’s Radio Field Trip, we’re going to see a boat race featuring fall’s favorite squash – the pumpkin.

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