10.15.15: Refugees in the US, Jails on Yelp, & the NH Film Festival

Oct 15, 2015

The US says it will open its doors to at least 10,000 refugees fleeing turmoil in Syria, but that doesn’t mean open arms. Today, we’ll learn about the detention process that keeps asylum seekers behind bars for months – even years – in hidden facilities across the country. Plus, a look at the upcoming lineup for this weekend’s New Hampshire Film Festival – including a documentary about the Gore Vidal vs. William F. Buckley debates that turned televised political debates into blood sport. 

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Refugees Held in US Detainment

We might like to believe that the circumstances and logistics of asylum seekers fleeing mortal danger puts them in a different category than that of the hotly debated economic immigrants crossing the border illegally – but members of either group may very well expect to spend months, and perhaps years, in detention centers spread across the United States.  Tom A. Peter is a journalist currently based in Turkey. We found his article “They Treat You Like an Inmate” at Politico.  

Jail Reviews on Yelp

Word of Mouth producer Megan Tan spoke with Marshall Project writer Beth Schwartzapfel who wrote the article ‘‘I Reviewed Jail on Yelp Because I Couldn’t Afford a Therapist.”

Best of Enemies

Robert Gordon is the producer and director along with Morgan Neville of the new documentary Best of Enemies which tells the story the 1968 Buckley vs. Vidal debate. An adapted introduction to his new book, Buckley vs. Vidal: the Historic 1968 ABC News Debates appeared in Politico.

You can see Best of Enemies in Portsmouth, NH, on October 18, where it is playing as part of the New Hampshire Film Festival.   

New Hampshire Film Festival 2015

This weekend Portsmouth is hosting the 15th annual New Hampshire Film Festival, featuring more than 100 films, many of them made in the Granite State, or by filmmakers who hail from the area. Nicole Galovski is programming director of the 2015 New Hampshire Film Festival, which beings today, October 15, and goes through Sunday, October 18. She joined us to tell us more about some of the films coming to the festival

Here's the trailer for Manglehorn, showing tonight at the Music Hall.