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11.15.16: Mandolinist Joe Brent , Soup Swap, & Youth Prisons

Joseph Brent via flickr Creative Commons

The U.S. stands alone in sentencing juvenile offenders to life without possibility of parole. On today’s show, a new report out of Harvard finds the youth prison system costly, ineffective, and destructive.

Also today, we set aside post-election divisions and get tips for bringing good food and good friends together over the winter—and it's not a potluck!  It’s a soup swap!

Virginia talks with Chef Kathy Gunst about cooking and community. Plus, virtuoso mandolinist Joseph Brent talks about his music.

Listen to the full show: 

Mandolinist Joe Brent

Since graduating from the Berklee College of Music in 1999, JoeBrent's music has traced his personal journey, and the continuing evolution of the mandolin itself. The composer and teacher is well-traveled and well-versed, performing classical mainstays like Calace and Bach, and jamming alongside pop artists like Regina Spektor and Jewel.

His newest incarnation is with a trio called 9 Horses. The ensembles' debut album, "Perfectest Herald" was released last year. They're performing at Amoskeag Studio in Manchester on Thursday, November 17th.

Mandolinist Joe Brent

Soup Swap

Winter is coming. It's getting steadily colder and darker, and the nation is still reeling from a presidential election that pretty well split voters down the middle. May be a good time for a healing bowl of soup. Virginia talks to Chef Kathy Gunst about her new cookbook: Soup Swap: Comforting Recipes to Make and Share

See more and print the recipe here: Swapping Soup with Kathy Gunst

You can also join Kathy at Gibson's Bookstore on November 16 at 5:30pm where she'll be speaking about Soup Swap: Comforting Recipes to Make and Share

Running with Springs

When you go from a walk, to a jog, to a run, what is actually happening? Is one just a faster version of another? A small group of bio mechanists says no. Once you get moving, it becomes a whole different animal. This story from the podcast "Sift", walks us through some research that explains just what happens to our bodies when we pick up the pace, and break into a run.

This segment was produced by Bishop Sand. You can listen to it again at

Youth Prisons

Just over a decade ago, the United States joined countries from Azerbaijan to Zimbabwe when the Supreme Court abolished the execution of juvenile offenders. Today, the nation stands alone in sentencing offenders under 18 to life without the possibility of parole—which is still done in several states. So, how does the country stack up when it comes to youth justice? Vincent Schiraldi  is a senior research fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School's program in criminal justice, and co-author of a new report that found America's youth prisons ineffective, costly and in urgent need of replacement.

Related: "The Future of Youth Justice: A Community Based Alternative to the Youth Prison Model"

Youth Prisons

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