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4.13.16: EquiTable, How to Buy Eggs, & The Dead Ladies Project

Sandra via Flickr CC

When we were growing up, eggs were eggs - packed by the dozen in cardboard cartons, consumers weren't all that picky about what they were taking home.  Walk into a grocery store today... And the choices are overwhelming. Today we decode grocery store egg labels.

Plus, a look at an app designed to split restaurant bills by inequality of wages based on gender and race.

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How much money you make determines a lot about your lifestyle, where you live, and what you do when the check arrives for dinner...

That's Luna Malbroux is a San Francisco based comedian and the driving force behind EquiTable, an app designed to split restaurant bills by inequality of wages based on gender and race. Luna joined us to explain how the app works.   


How to Buy Eggs

Gabrielle Saulsberry is an assistant editor at Modern Farmer, where she wrote a comprehensive guide to navigating grocery store eggs . Which, as you'll discover, is a lot trickier than you'd think. Gabby spoke with senior producer Taylor Quimby. 

Plus! We wanted to ask you about another controversial egg-related topic that was dividing the staff here at Word of Mouth... Which do you prefer - a runny yoke? Or one cooked all the way through? In case you're not sure where you stand, we asked our two most opposed team members to have a little debate on the issue.

How to Buy Eggs

So, runny yokes…Delicious for dipping or disgusting? Take our poll and vote for your preferred yoke on Twitter or Facebook

The Dead Ladies Project

At 30, Jessa Crispin was living in Chicago running a respected literary magazine and on the edge of suicide. Clearly, she needed to do things differently. But who could guide her?  "It was the dead I wanted to talk to," Jessa Crispin writes, "the writers and artists and composers who kept me company in the late hours of the night: I needed to know how they did it." So she packs her bag and begins a pilgrimage of sorts, following "the unloosed, the wandering souls who were willing to scrape their lives clean and start again elsewhere” in her new book, The Dead Ladies Project.

Jessa Crispin is founder of the literary website Bookslut and Spolia magazine. 

The Dead Ladies Project

Physics for Poets

People sometimes typecast scientists as left-brained eggheads with little use for the arts.  Physicist Michael Salamon takes issue with that. He argues that the work of poet Walt Whitman perpetuates the myth of scientist, not able to appreciate art and beauty – and Salamon finds exactly the opposite to be true. Lu Olkowski brings us his story.

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