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6.15.15: Jurassic World's Bad Science, The Problem with Teacup Pigs, & Funny on Purpose

Shandi-lee Cox via flickr Creative Commons

Jurassic World opened this weekend to big crowds but mixed reviews from the scientific community. On today’s show a paleoartist takes issue with the film’s inaccurate depiction of dinosaurs.

Then, from tips for Hollywood filmmakers, to tips for aspiring comics, a comedy insider, and former editor of The Onion, explains what it takes to earn a living making people laugh.

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The Faulty Science of Jurassic World

John Conway is a paleo-artist and co-host of the Tetrapod Zoology podcast – he wrote about the faulty science behind Jurassic World’s dinosaurs when the trailer first came out a year ago, and now that he’s finally seen the movie, he's ready to give his final verdict.

The Faulty Science of Jurassic World

A slide show of John Conway's work can be found at this link: Paleoartist Laments Jurassic World's Old-Fashioned Dinosaurs

The Problem With Teacup Pigs

Jake Swearingenwrote a cautionary article for Modern Farmer with the warning:  “Never Buy a Teacup Pig”.   

The Problem With Teacup Pigs

Secret Kitty

Whether shepherding sheep or drawing a wagon, some domesticated animals appear to benefit from being put to work – house-cats are not among them. Nate Dimeo of The Memory Palace brings us our next story, of a rather twisted cold war plan to employ a cat to spy on the Russians. 

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Consider the Jellyfish

If a friend or loved one has ever asked you to cat or dog sit, you know it can be, at worst a mild inconvenience and at best a fun little diversion, but now imagine being called upon to take care of a pet jellyfish…what would that entail? Elliot Rambach brings us this story. 

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Funny on Purpose

If you've ever dreamed of making a career out of being funny, you might want to read Joe Randazzo's book first: Funny On Purpose: The Definitive Guide To An Unpredictable Career In Comedy. 

Joe Randazzo is former editor for The Onion, the former creative director for, and he recently joined the Comedy Central show @midnight as their head writer. 

Funny on Purpose

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