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Word of Mouth

3.15.15: Maz Jobrani, Office Fridge Politics, & Icicles


Before Maz Jobrani was a panelist on Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!, he was an actor trying to get a break. On today’s show, we’ll talk to the Iranian-born comedian about being typecast as a terrorist.

Then, we investigate a problem facing many American workers: food theft. What motivates some people to steal another person’s lunch from the office fridge? We’ll talk about the ethics of office food theft, and answer the age old question: is it ok to use someone else’s salad dressing?

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

Maz Jobrani 


Maz Jobrani

Compete for the Throne in a New Board Game


Compete for the Throne in a New Board Game

L.ive A.ction R.ole P.lay


L.ive A.ction R.ole P.lay

Demystifying Icicles

  • There’s a surprising amount that we don’t know about icicles - here to explain what we do know about them is NHPR’s Sam Evans-Brown.
  • See photos from the icicle walk at this link.


Demystifying Icicles

The Sporkful Investigates Office Food Theft

  • Dan Pashman is the host of WNYC’s podcast The Sporkful, and he’s here to talk about the politics and morality of office food theft.
  • Ryan North, the creator of Dinosaur Comics has created this handy note to pass out to your co-workers if you discover your food has been taken. Click here to print.


The Sporkful Investigates Office Food Theft
Credit Ryan North / Qwantz.com

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