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Reflecting On Robin Williams

BagoGames via Flickr CC

 In April 2010, WTF host Marc Maron sat down to speak with Robin Williams. Following the news of Williams’ death on August 11, Maron reflected back on that interview and shared some of his thoughts on a conversation that he considers life-changing. The interview is at times delicate, as Williams talks about his battle with addiction and depression, but it also raised a new perspective the comedian which people had rarely seen before. It is by turns enlightening, sobering, and hilarious, much like the life and career of Robin Williams.

In his introduction to the interview Maron reminds listeners: 

But I mean, we have to remember that Robin Williams is really one of the greatest comedians ever, ever, ever. In the history of the world, as far as I know it. Because he had all the things that was necessary to be a great comedic artist. He had…He was sensitive, perceptive. He was empathetic. His mental agility was astounding. He was full of love. And he, by nature of putting all those out into the world, required that of us. And we felt it. And there was a humanity to Robin Williams.

The topics range from the comedic inspiration of Richard Pryor, to Williams’ issues with cocaine and alcohol, to dealing with the results of fame. And even as Maron reminds us that this is one of the most sincere conversations he’s had the pleasure to record, Williams’ irrepressible style of “hyper-realism and hyper-optimism,” shines throughout. 

Maron says about his conversation with Williams:

It was an honor, it was my pleasure. And it was completely surprising and just full of humility…and just, you know, he was a person, with his own problems, that he carried with him.

Here’s a link to the full interview with Robin Williams from 2010, and Maron’s take on the incredible performer.

And to remind you of his range, here’s a couple clips of Robin Williams throughout his career. A quick warning, these clips contain language and content that may be inappropriate for younger listeners and are NSFW. 

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