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The Audio Orchard explores music being made right here in New England, and introduces you to artists that find their way here while on tour. Each month, we hand pick a variety of songs to sample, put them in a playlist, and offer them up for a nutritious audio experience.And if you want me to email you ONCE A MONTH when a new podcast is out you can sign up here, and that way you'll never miss it! Thanks!Click HERE to download on Soundcloud. Happy Listening!

5.29.14: Movie Musicals And David Kontak, Live From Studio D

DMY/sandbox via Wikimedia Commons

Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s nothing quite as divisive as the movie musical. We go behind the glimmering façades and dance numbers to examine how movie musicals reflect American culture. Then, a conversation and in-studio performance from David Kontak, a New Hampshire musician who makes instruments out of found objects. Plus, Sean Hurley shares the story of a band that deliberately created the world's most endangered song.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

Dangerous Rhythm

Richard Barrios joins us to discuss his new book Dangerous Rhythm: Why Movie Musicals Matter which is full of razzly-dazzly hits, dismal flops, sharp criticism, and enough insider gossip to make the case for the movie musical.

Dangerous Rhythm

The Audio Orchard for May

Producer Zach Nugent shares his favorite songs and artists of the month.

The Audio Orchard for May

And for a full playlist, click here.

David Kontak, Live from Studio D

David Kontak creates new instruments from, well, from just about anything and everything. He joins us for an explanation, and a performance, live from Studio D. You can also see the ensemble at the upcoming Thing In The Spring, June 5-8 in Peterborough.

David Kontak, Life From Studio D

The World’s Most Endangered Song

Sean Hurley brings us the story of a band which created a song with a sole purpose in mind: to save it from extinction.

The World's Most Endangered Song

Day Job: The Burrito Maker

Produced by Joshua McNichols for his new series “Day Job: How Musicians Pay the Rent,” in which he examines the backstage lives of aspiring artists.

Day Job: The Burrito Maker

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