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A Latter Day Crisis

Tyler Tomsic-Taylor
Tyler Tomsic-Taylor

The Mormon Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints will no doubt face intense scrutiny if Mitt Romney becomes the GOP's candidate for President. A few months back, we reported on the LDS campaign to rebrand- the church, with a series of ads depicting stereotype-busting people introducing themselves as Mormons…

The cheeky hit Broadway musical "Book of Mormon" has also thrust the church into the forefront of pop culture, but that hasn’t stopped younger members from reportedly leaving the church in droves over conservative doctrine including backing Proposition 8, banning gay marriage in California. Now, church leaders are asking tough questions about the future of the LDS, and how to turn that trend around. On the line to explain is Peter Henderson, West Coast Enterprise Editor for Reuters.

And joining us also is Tyler Tomsic-Taylor. He's 24 years old, and a global business student at Suffolk University in Boston. Tyler is a member of the Mormon church who finds being active in the church difficult because of his sexual orientation.

David's "I'm a gay Mormon" profile.

One of several videos posted in reaction to the "I'm a Mormon Campaign."

Producer's note: Listener Troy Parker sent us this tweet in response to this segment: "@wordofmouth 'young members leaving in droves.' You say this like it's fact. I'd like to see the support for this claim."

While the script originally included the language, "reportedly leaving in droves," it was edited for air because as presented in the Reuters piece, Mormon Elder Marlin Jensen verified the claim in taped remarks made to a class at the Utah State University. /RL

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