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Redrawing Electoral Districts: How Should New Hampshire Determine District Lines?

Sara Plourde; NHPR

Every ten years, states redefine the boundaries that determine congressional and legislative seats, as well as local offices.  This year, a bill in New Hampshire aims to reduce gerrymandering, the practice of configuring lines to gain partisan advantage.  We look at this proposal, and our current political maps, and conversations around gerrymandering nationally.


  • Dan Barrick - NHPR's news director, who worked on a reporting project in 2016 that looked at gerrymandering in NH. 
  • Rick Lehmann - Lawyer in Manchester who served as the legal counsel to the NH Senate from 2001-2005, and 2010-2018. 
  • Marjorie Smith - Representative from Durham, and chair of the House Judiciary Committee. She sponsored HB 706, which would establish an independent redistricting commission. 
  • Wendy Underhill - Director of the National Conference of State Legislature's elections and redistricting team