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What to Read This Summer: Our Annual Summer Books Show, 2015

We're checking in booksellers and a librarian for their picks of what to read this summer.



Books Mentioned During the Show:

New novels:


Caller recommendation:

  • Tana French: Irish mystery writer; great character development; most recent book is The Secret Place.

Middle grade reads: 8-12 age range

Caller recommendation:

  • Robert T Bakker, Raptor Red: a novel by a paleontologist from the dinosaur’s perspective. Watership Down moved to prehistoric times

Local authors:

  • Sy Montgomery, The Soul of an Octopus: by Hancock, NH writer & naturalist. She got to know the octopus at the New England Aquarium in Boston, and found it to be highly intelligent, and more like us than you would think.
  • Stefany Shaheen, Elle and Coach: by Senator Shaheen’s daughter, about her teenage daughter who has Type-1 diabetes and her service dog

Caller recommendations:

  • Kristan Higgins: New England author of romance novelists
  • Christopher McDougall, Natural Born Heroes: like 3 books in one, will make you want to become a runner
  • Sister Souljah and Walter Dean Myers’ Monster: the caller found that growing up in Lawrence, it was hard to find books that resonated. These are two of her favorites.
  • Max Berry, Lexicon: sort of an action book about the history of language
  • Haruki Murakami: a great author for binge-reading. Try Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, 1Q84, and especially Kafka on the Shore

NHPR’s All Things Considered host Peter Biello has a new segment about the ‘news that stays news.’ Check out NHPR’s Bookshelf for interviews with N.H. & New England authors about their writing and favorite books. You can email your suggestions to books@nhpr.org.

Graphic novels

What the guests are reading this summer:


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