Sununu Plans To 'Absolutely' Veto Bills Passed By Democratic Lawmakers

Jun 24, 2019

Credit NHPR

Governor Chris Sununu has for days warned of plans to veto the state budget if it includes a rollback of business tax cuts that took effect in January.

But he says more vetoes are coming on other bills prioritized by Democrats, including plans to raise the state minimum wage, tighten gun laws, and loosen or reverse GOP-backed changes to state voting laws.

"Those are just political bills, the ones you just mentioned, and most of those will get vetoed, absolutely. That's just political stuff. I am here to manage the state."

Sununu has so far vetoed four bills this year, including a plan to create a mandatory paid family leave plan.

Lawmakers failed to override Sununu's veto on a plan to boost Medicaid provider rates, but succeeded in overturning his veto of a bill to outlaw the death penalty.