National Guard Joins N.H. Department Of Education For Drug Prevention

Dec 8, 2018

The N.H. Department of Education and the N.H. National Guard’s Counter Drug Task Force sign a memorandum of understanding.
Credit Courtesy of N.H. DOE

The New Hampshire Department of Education is partnering with the New Hampshire National Guard's Counter Drug Task Force to improve substance use prevention and intervention for students.

On Dec. 6th, the N.H. DOE and the National Guard signed a 9-year Memorandum of Understanding outlining the partnership.

This is the country's first such agreement between the two groups.

The Guard will train communities in best practices for drug prevention for students, with a focus on spreading the anti-drug messaging that the Guard has used since the 1980's.

Governor Sununu praised the partnership, saying that the partnership and its focus on prevention could could serve as a national model.