A Luminous Dress Inspired By The Firefly

Nov 13, 2014

Biologists call it “signaling”, traits and behaviors that evolved because recipients respond to them in ways that benefit the signaler. Among humans, signals may not be quite as overt as the peacock fanning its tail:

Credit Koshy Koshy via flickr Creative Commons

or fireflies courting and sparking on a summer night:

Credit Jim Miles via flickr Creative Commons

It is that luminescent dance that inspired the creative team, called Synesthesia Muse, to collaborate on a piece of wearable technology that first strutted across MIT’s Descience show and has now been on catwalks on both coasts. Harry Umen, artist and chair of SNHU’s communications, media arts and technology department, artist and dressmaker Deborah Caldwell, and the developer & inventor, Angela Chang will be showing off the “Luminous Firefly Dress” at TEDx Amoskeag Millyard this Saturday. You can listen to the full interview below. You can live stream the sold out TEDx Amoskeag event via this link  at 9:00am on Saturday.