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Judge Facing Disciplinary Procedures Resigns From Bench

Feb 17, 2021

A circuit court judge facing a disciplinary hearing after allegedly altering court documents is voluntarily resigning from the bench rather than face review before the Judicial Conduct Committee.

Judge Julie Introcaso was set to start a multi-day hearing Wednesday before the JCC. Instead, the agency posted a signed agreement that Introcaso has agreed to resign her judicial appointment, and was pleading no contest to the allegations.

Introcaso was accused of failing to properly recuse herself from a child custody case in which she had a longstanding friendship with one of the involved attorneys. After the JCC launched a review, Introcaso then allegedly took the file into her private chambers, where she used Wite-Out to alter the court documents and conceal her handwritten orders.

Introcaso was placed on leave last January, and has been suspended without pay since October, when the JCC announced its inquiry.

Earlier this month, the Attorney General announced it was charging Introcaso with felony evidence tampering charges. She has yet to enter a plea in that matter.

Introcaso was appointed to the bench in 2012. She recently served as a circuit court judge in Nashua.