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In Depth: N.H. Hospital, Community Mental Health Care, & The Path To Stability

May 23, 2018

Our series on mental health in New Hampshire concludes with a look at the role of the state psychiatric hospital in responding to crises, and at what happens once a patient leaves, including what's available in terms of treatment, jobs, housing, and community support. 


  • Noel Chipman - Clinical coordinator for Concord transitional housing services.  She says she’s seen some patients readmitted to the State Hospital as many as 40 times.         
  • Lori Shibinette – CEO of the New Hampshire Hospital, as of 2017.  Former deputy commissioner of DHHS.
  • Michael Skinner –  An advocate for people with mental illness, he has dealt with major depression and trauma and helps others to recover.  He’s a board member of the National Coalition of Mental Health Recovery and works with the National Center for Trauma Informed Care.
  • Dan Ventola -  Assertive Community Treatment coordinator with Genesis Behavioral Health in Laconia. 

Related Reading & Resources

In 2017, Lori Shibinette stepped into the role of CEO at N.H. Hospital, where the challenges are vast.  

A 2017 report recommended that New Hampshire increase community-based services,such as peer support, crisis units, and urgent care to help alleviate the burden on hospital emergency rooms. 

Community mental health leaders call for N.H. to become a model for community-based care. 

Read a 2017 report evaluating the capacity of the New Hampshire behavioral health system. 

Psychiatrist Nathaniel P. Morris argues in Scientific American that the deinstitutionalization of mental health care removed patients from long-term psychiatric facilities but failed to set up adequate outpatient services and support systems.  

Community Mental Health Centers are located in 10 regions in New Hampshire. Visit here for a list of Centers.