Amid Bootlegging Investigation, N.H. Liquor Stores Launch Promotion Aimed At Out-Of-State Buyers

Aug 8, 2018

Credit N.H. Liquor Commission

The New Hampshire Liquor Commission is out with a new promotion to draw in more out of state customers.

The ‘No Taxation on our Libations’ sale is billed as a thank you to the more than 11-million annual shoppers that frequent the state’s 79 liquor stores.

More than half of those shoppers historically come from out of state.

From now through Labor Day, residents of Maine, Vermont and Massachusetts will receive a discount equal to double their home states’ sales tax. The math works out to anywhere from 11 to 13% off a purchase, up to $150.

Granite Staters, as well as residents of other states, will also see double-digit savings on their purchases.

This is the first time the Liquor Commission has run this promotion. It comes as the state agency remains under investigation by the N.H. Attorney General for how it handles large all-cash purchases made by alleged bootleggers from other states.

The commission is under pressure to grow revenues: new monthly figures show profits down 6% from this time last year. The agency failed to reach revenue goals set by the state legislature in the recent fiscal year.