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State Investigating Nonprofit Status Of Americans For Prosperity In N.H.

NHPR Staff

A group of seven Republican state representatives is challenging the nonprofit status of the conservative policy group Americans for Prosperity.

AFP announced weeks ago that it would be conducting a campaign to call out lawmakers who voted against right-to-work, one of the group’s policy priorities for years. The state reps challenging AFP's status were all targets of mailers criticizing them for voting against right-to-work legislation.

The state reps say they want to the state to weigh whether AFP should be required to register with the state as a political committee.

Assistant Attorney General Matthew Broadhead says the state will take a look.

"We sent acknowledgement letters June 25 and we will be investigating this," he told NHPR.

Americans for Prosperity says the mailers targeting the lawmakers are protected under the first amendment. And that all its activities advocating for right-to-work were done in full compliance with state law.

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