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Edelblut Confirmed As Ed Commissioner Despite Concerns From State Board

josh rogers\nhpr

Governor Chris Sununu's pick to be New Hampshire's education commissioner, was approved by the executive council today.

The 3-2 vote confirming Frank Edelblut came a day after the State Board of Education wrote to Sununu expressing reservations about Edelblut's qualifications.

The board of education's letter said the board "shared the public's concerns about Frank Edelblut's qualifications."

Attached to the letter were 57 pages of mostly negative public comments on Edelblut, who has never worked in education but who homeschooled 7 children.

After Edeblut's confirmation,  Sununu and Edelbut told reporters they were eager to work with the Trump administration try to win the  state more flexibility from federal mandates. Both also stressed that much of Edelbut's job will be working within policy parameters set by others.

"Right now, structurally we are in very good shape. We have an excellent structure here in the state of New Hampshire. We just need to be able to have some leadership to implement and I know frank is going to take the bull by the horns."

"And I'm excited to work with the school board, the State Board of Education....because we all have the same goal, which is really making sure the New Hampshire school system is the best that it can be for our students."

Frank Edelblut replaces Virginia Barry, who stepped down last month after 8 years as  Commissioner.

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